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2000 SL2
Default Strange P0300 occurrence

2000 SL2, manual trans, 164,000 miles.

First, about 3 weeks ago the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs and a couple of other throttle body parts were replaced. And the throttle body was cleaned. Car has been running great since. Today I finally got through the tank of gas so I went to fill it up. Added 10 gallons. Left the gas station to head to breakfast and about 2 blocks down the road the car started running bad. Very little power, almost stalling and the check engine light started flashing. The exhaust also smelled bad. I managed to limp the 3 miles home and hooked up the scanner. There was a pending P0300 code random misfires. We then got in the van and proceeded to breakfast. After getting home over an hour later I started the car and it still ran poorly. I then revved it up to about 4000+ rpms a few times and it started running fine. Later I drove the thing around town for about 25 minutes and it ran fine.

When I was filling the tank the gas pump started running really, really slow. As if the gas was just trickling out. Took forever to fill the tank. I drove back to the gas station after breakfast to mention my experience with the pump, and my car running like crap after filling, when I noticed a tanker tuck filling the underground tanks. It wasn't there before. I started to wonder if I got some bad gas like when the pump was running so slow the underground tank was nearly empty and sucked up some water, or??? I don't know, was just wondering.

Anyone have any other thoughts on this? Thanks in advance. This car has never done this before in the 16 plus years I've owned it.
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