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1996 SC2
Information Re: Towing a trailer with 2001 SC2?

Does saturn make a mini van?

You should be fine with a light weight trailer. I'm not sure if you even need a receiver type hitch. A simple bumper hitch, if they are available, for the SC2 would be fine for the weight you described.

The basics for any trailering are really safety.
Running lights and brake lights.
Safety chains.
Tongue weight. Load the trailer so that when you pick up the front part that attaches to the ball it's weight is 10 percent of the total trailer weight. I.E. the trailer weighs 500lbs and it is loaded with 500 lbs =1000lbs total X 10% = 100lbs tongue weight. Use a simple bathroom scale to determine tongue weight. This lets the trailer follow properly without effecting the handling characteristics of the car.

Last but most importantly is following distance. As the load increases in any auto, the braking distance increases. This is especially true when trailering.

You can do a google for more info.
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