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Default Re: My battery is dead overnight

I just bought an 07 Aura from an auction. Battery looked new but was dead (7 volts-no date). Purchased a new $160 battery. Started up car and alternator is working - 14 volts when engine is running. Few days later my wife takes to work and calls me at end of her shift. Battery is dead and no power at all to car... I jump it and drive it home. This morning, starts up fine although battery is at 11.8 volts, assuming I need to charge it back to full capacity. I am assuming this is the problem why the car got abandoned, lol. So I don't know if the headlights never shut off when she went to work (relay or switch problem with auto sensing), or some other problem, she never looked to see if they went off... Releay box? (saw some mention that...) Passlock Anti-Theft Ssystem drain? Hi/Lo beam switch short? Not sure where to start..
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