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Question Re: Can't seem to fix this car?!?

Originally Posted by Maritime Storm View Post
Your MAP sensor is telling you it's reading 16-17 inch of Mercury, does a hand gauge confirm it? If so, move on to having the injectors cleaned, sounds like one may be sticking open intermittently(have run into this in the past), your fuel pressure off is within specs, but shouldn't be varying that much when idling. If you haven't hooked a hand held gauge on to the vacuum ports on the intake, do so to rule out a bad MAP.
Did the vacuum test, and here are the results: Needle fluctuates between 12-15 inches. Haynes manual says that it should be steady between 17-22 inches. The Haynes Manual says to suspect an intake manifold gasket leak at an intake port or a faulty fuel injector. Does anyone know a way to test fuel injectors without one-by-one replacement (since that gets expensive)?
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