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2003 VUE 3.0L
Default Re: My battery is dead overnight

You would be amazed at how many issues can come up with an L/LS car because the battery is weak or the cables are corroded. My LS2 would die at random times as I would pull away from intersections. I'd drift over to the side of the road, park for a minute, then it would fire right back up. The best time was when we had just came out of the grocery store in July in Hawaii and it wouldn't fire up. Lots of stuff getting warm in the back while I was fiddling with the battery cables. The permanent fix was a battery replacement because the positive terminal had separated from the case, causing acid to leak onto the cable connector. Another thing I did was completely remove the rubber cover over the positive cable connector. It seemed like it just collected moisture and corrosion for no good reason.

Six years later, no random dying issues as long as the battery was good.

But, let me ask you this: How well does your high/low beam switch work? Do you notice that your high beams will stay on no matter how many times you pull back on the stalk? That switch assembly failed on my car and would cause the high beams to turn on all by themselves and drain the battery.
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