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2003 L-Series 2.2L Sedan
Wrench My battery is dead overnight

I don't know if other Saturn users had the same problem as I have, but any information is useful.

I have a 2003 L200 Saturn Sedan, and 2 days ago the care started to make some noises like the battery is dead, but still the engine turned on. Yesterday when I went from home to some friends there was the same sound, and again the car started, and get well to my friends, the problem was when I tried to come back home, after 4 hours of staying, the battery was dead. So I jumped it and started again. On my way home I stopped to Schuck's Auto and they verified the charging, an everything was ok. When I got home I turned off the engine and tried to turn it on again, and everything was ok, but after few hours when I tried to leave home the car needed a jump again.

Today I went to NAPA store so I bought a Test Light and I started to check all the fuses to see where I have a short, and I did that for about 2 hours, and when I got to almost all the fuses I finally found the circuit where all my power is going when the car rests. So I found out that when I remove the radio fuse out and the BCM CLUSTER fuse, there is no short. The problem is that the car won't start without the BCM fuse, it starts an runs for about 1-2 seconds and after that everything dies. I can live without the radio but not without the BCM. If I leave the BCM fuse in, the battery will die in few hours.

The question is if there is a problem with my BCM or is just a short somewhere along the way. And the same with the radio fuse do you think that I have to take off the cd/radio and look in the back maybe there is a short or it has to do with the BCM fuse.

And does BCM stands for?? I know is something like "body control module". And what does this BCM do?

Anything helps. Please post any suggestions or if you know how to fix it.
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