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1998 SC1
Default Re: Gbentley 1998 sc1 update still stalls close to solving problem

Wow I feel pretty foolish you guys...I just realized I had the firing order wrong on spark plugs I had it 1432 when it should of been 4123 it's been in wrong order for a couple days now.Q I hope I didn't damage anything but it's from when I changed out the ignition module. Could this of been the reason my engine died on me? I right away noticed I had better power up hills and a much better idle. Thank you I will look into switching out modules AC/fuel pump. I only noticed this today because the engine temp went way up over 1/2 then after switching the right way came back down to 3/8. This whole time I don't even realize the firing order is right there under hood lol so can anyone tell me could this of been why my engine would just cut off randomly? I hope this fixed it I'll know by this weekend because Taking a big trip.
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