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Default Re: Engine Swap 1995 Saturn SL2

Originally Posted by onlinebiker View Post
If you are going to drop the drivetrain - it isn' t.

I will not do a head gasket in the car. I have a 2 post lift and cradles for supporting the drivetrain unit.

I hate working in a tight uncomfortable position. To me it is just too easy to drop the drivetrain - and give easy access to the engine...
For someone with the tools and facilities yeah makes sense. Most folks don't have that kind of equipment though.

Either way a headgasket on one of these isn't that big of a job. I replaced my recently in the car and tear down was about 2 hrs, 2 hrs clean up, and about 3hrs reassembly. Should note that I'm over the top picky when I put one back together so clean up and assy times might seem high to some.

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