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Default Re: L200 2002 won't stay on running

ok, so the garage just told me they can't fix it, they had an outside person come in, took a look at it...they tried to "flash" something, that didn't work...they are now saying it will be thousands of dollars to fix, which they know my situation and I can't go that route.
So I have to decide if I want the GM dealer (who has worked on my Saturn before) to look at this and see if they can repair-
Also just want to mention- if I remember correctly when I put the new battery in I think I connected the negative first, then put the positive on..and a small spark did happen when I connected the positive last. I read when connecting a new battery the positive should go on first, then the negative...but could this really short out the whole system? would the fuel injectors get messed up if the positive is attached last? Like I mention above, the garage said they tried everything, new computer etc..
the car turns over fine but cuts out in 2 secs.
I understand this is a general/blanket question: but what problems could arise if the positive terminal is connected last on a new battery? I imagine there are many problems...
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