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Default L200 2002 won't stay on running

Hi, my Saturn L200 2002 has approx. 175k, has run perfectly the same I took it off the lot in '02. Always did usual/general maintenance to it over the years. No major issues with the car at all.
About 2 weeks ago in cold weather, I tried to start car in driveway, it turned slowly but would not turn over. Tried again, same thing...I figured the battery is about 5 years old, let me replace it. Everything was dim in the car/dashboard etc Bought new battery from AutoNation, hooked it up..turned the key once..all the lights came on like a Xmas tree, figured that was the problem, car turned over fine, then conked out in 2 secs. Now the car won't stay on for 2 secs...turns over fine. I've changed the battery out before with this car, no problem before.
Towed it to my garage, they can't figure out the problem (yet). they tested the fuel pump (enough pressure) they found some of the grounds were shorted...replaced those, they thought the computer was fried, they replaced it, same thing conks out in 2 secs. It never did this before in all the 20 years, ran fine, ran smooth. Can anyone give any advice what this might be? The garage said the alternator is fine, they have the computers hooked up to it doing all the tests they can't find anything.
I did notice after I changed the battery when I first turned the key once the fuel pump in the back/tank sounded "louder" and a bit more of a whirrr...and when the car wouldn't stay on I tried to start a few times then I started getting a gas smell, so I stopped...but the garage tested the fuel pressure and said its good. I think this is something simple...
I tried the 10 min. security key test etc...same thing happens. Security light does not come on btw...but the other maintenance lights come on.
Can anyone pls offer any advice or something similar that may have happened to you? thanks Vinny
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