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2001 SC2
Wrench 2001 SC2 (automatic) high rpm start?

Hi all, I’m a happy new Saturn owner, got a fantastic deal on it. When I start it, it Revs up to 2500 then goes to 1k. I just bought it, it’s not road legal so I can’t really test it out much, but it seemed to rev high while driving before shifting into next gears as well... any advice? I changed the plugs and did an oil change.. it has 160k on it, i have a video but I can’t upload the file type, I’ll try to convert it. THANKS! Oh also it seemed to be real hot under the hood after only a minute of idle.. I checked the coolant and it was a light orange color, which I’ve never seen before... the gauge reads about a quarter ways which isn’t concerning, but that stupid little air box that loosely connects to the air filter box seemed overly hot... what’s up with that?

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