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Default Re: 2000 Saturn LS1 2.2 liter

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
When the new motor went in, is it new, rebuilt or a different motor altogether? When it was installed, was the original wiring intact, allowing the engine to run? And why is a new wiring harness needed? Is there a possibility of this new wire chafing somewhere and causing the fuse to blow? Replacing a major wire harness suggests greater awareness needed when snaking wires around with caution against catching a sharp edge, damaging a wire and/or causing electrical problems.
The motor was not new. I had to rob another harness from an intact car because the harness that was about to be installed had the wrong plug going to the dash harness. There is a possibility of the newer wiring being chafed I am checking now and hoping to find the culprit.
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