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Hi all! Maybe this has been asked before, and if it has, sorry to ask again. Here is what I have: 97 Saturn SL2 twin cam. 210,725 miles. Bought this car from my wifes neice back in Dec 08. Have put about 6,000 miles on it. Have replaced water pump, radiator, t-stat, ignition module/coils, spark plugs/wires, converter, O2 sensors, etc. Just had trans replaced back in April. Back in June, I had to remove the cyl head (had burned #3 valve). Had friend of mine do the valve job for me. He replaced two valves and cleaned up the rest. I put it back together a couple of weeks ago (installed new timing chain, guides, tensioner) everything was lined up properly. Also, I cleaned out the intake manifold and cleaned the throttle body. Now, I get a slight rough idle (fluctuates from 700 800). It acts like the eng is getting too much fuel. I checked the injectors, all about 12.6 ohms (cold, range is 11.5-12.5). Aside from tearing down the front of the motor again to make sure my timing marks are good, or purchasing new injectors (approx $200), I'm at a loss as to what else to look for. Engine runs good off idle and at freeway speeds. I replaced the evap lines from the canister to the purge valve, and from the valve to the intake. Compression is good 180 psi across all cyls. I've rechecked intake bolts, ck'd vacuum at the fuel regulator, ck'd for vacuum leaks......Any thing I might have missed?????????

Oh, it did start idling rough shortly before the eng quit back in June.

Thanks for your help.

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