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Default Re: OnStar Not Functioning

Originally Posted by Bluealien View Post
Update folks...

So the technician removed panel after panel after panel to get to the OnStar module (who knew that it could be hidden so deep within the bowels of the vehicle), took it out, tested it, and declared it D.O.A. So he put the panels back, gave me the car back with no OnStar module, and ordered a new one. Apparently OnStar's tech service turnaround is 7 to 10 days, which I find ludicrous for a new vehicle, but it's OnStar's policy, not Saturn's. He put it on the fastest rush order he could. So sometime next week the vehicle will go back for a day to get the new OnStar module installed.

I have to give kudos to the dealership though; they gave me an Astra for a courtesy vehicle, and it was an awesome little car. I've asked if I can have it again next week and they said it was no problem at all.

On the Ion, the OnStar computer was mounted on metal of the rear (parcel) I assume it might be there too on the Aura.

You gotta take the C-pillar panels off & the side trim to get to to the shelf cover & then remove that to get access to's kind of a pain
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