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Rj 2000 LS2 is just really niceRj 2000 LS2 is just really niceRj 2000 LS2 is just really niceRj 2000 LS2 is just really nice
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2000 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
Default Re: 02 LW300 V6 Fuel Pump and OBD2 Trouble

A completely broken timing belt would allow the valves to seat and as long as the cam shafts are not spinning, the engine would simply rotate and not start. Some valves could hit the piston(s). It would sound like a firm tap noise as it rotates. If the tensioner broke you would hear valves slapping against the pistons and if the engine started it would sound horrible.

I had a tensioner break and BANK 1 jumped one tooth, the engine ran but it wasn't good.

It's a 20 year old vehicle, is it the original timing belt? The plastic cover can be opened to inspect the belt. While rotating the engine, if the belt doesn't move, it's toast. These engines are interference engines where the valves and pistons share the same space being perfectly timed to not make contact.

If you determine the timing belt is broken, stop attempting to start it until you install a new belt kit.
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