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2005 ION-2 Sedan
Default Re: 2005 ION2 - Won't Start

This is the diagnostic report from the mobile mechanic (12/18/2021):

Verify customer concerned vehicle will not crank. Check harness integrity from fuse box to starter, okay at this time. Checked fuses in fuse box crank relay and starter relay all check out okay. Connected to DLC and found communication to all modules BCM and IPC are operational. Check communication to ECM no comms found. Diagnostic circuit check failed. Scan tool does not have communication with ECM and will not allow any other modules to communicate with it. Found DTC-U1000 class 2 data link issue. Utilizing data bus diagnostic tool and watched serial data to ECM is present but no communication emanating out from ECM. This is necessary to energize the secondary starter crank relay and engage starter operation. Manually cranked starter electronically and engine does crank. Attempted to bypass starter relay and starter will not crank without ground being provided by ECM. Operated BCM bidirectional control of wipers and door locks correct response was observed. Instrument panel cluster also has bi-directional control. Checked all grounds and powers to ECM and all were present. Grounds registered less than 0.2 ohms at chassis and engine.

Recommend replacing ECM and verifying proper operation.
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