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Rj 2000 LS2 is just really niceRj 2000 LS2 is just really niceRj 2000 LS2 is just really niceRj 2000 LS2 is just really nice
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2000 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
Default Re: Noise Coming From Timing Belt Cover, Rear Sprocket

It may run for another 5,000 miles or quit in less than 10 miles. When our timing belt tensioner failed, we had just driven 200 miles, I noticed a lack of power going down the highway. It was intermittent. A few days later after not driving it, I took my wife to work and at a stop light, the engine started jumping around and ran like crap with engine light ON. I managed to drive it to a repair shop. They inspected the timing belt and found the belt jumped a tooth on cam1. Their repair cost was too high and I managed to drive it to resting place where I could work on it much later. The belt tensioner was expired. I installed a timing belt kit and it's been running strong ever since.

Risk: Interference Engine i.e. if the timing goes out of time, for whatever reason, you run the risk of damaging valves. I got lucky, but most don't.

If you have to drive the vehicle... plan for it to die. Carry jackets/clothes, water and everything you need to stay warm in case it quits on you. Hell, put a bike on the trunk for alternate transportation.

Chances are, it will run for some time yet. But, don't drag race!
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