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2007 VUE 3.5L
Default Re: Debonged with a Home Depot cold'ish air intake

Hello all,

I should probably look at getting the thread title edited as this is turning into an ongoing mod discussion.

I have done some reading here and there that the Vue can lose power through clogged cats. Also that the o2 sensors aren't always super reliable to notify that the cats are clogged. My Vue has been on a maintenance journey with performance going from slug to pug so I was curious to see what other creature I could compare it to.

These pcd's are from RV6 Performance and I don't believe they sell them anymore. They still sell high flow cats though. Anyway, as everybody knows these are Honda j35 engines with lots of parts commonalities. They were mostly plug and play. I had to slightly adjust the forward bank pcd defouler to clear the front trans mount. I also needed to reroute both lower o2 sensors because of the 90 degree angle of the defoulers. I got some spark plug heat wrap for them just as a precaution. The stock jpipe bolts right up but it has a significantly smaller diameter. A previous poster mentioned drilling out the flanges to open them up. I removed the set in metal gaskets and used a porting bit to shape and smooth them out. The defoulers do their job because I've put about 250 miles on them with no CEL's so far.

The driving experience has certainly changed. It doesn't blow doors off but it does accelerate much better in every situation. Like going from walking a pug to getting pulled by a St. Bernard. Passing at highway speeds is especially benefited.

I still have the stock exhaust so while there is slightly more noise from the firewall it's only enough let you know something is different. The most noise generated now comes from my lifters which I think is due to the much lowered back pressure. They need adjusted anyway so now there is even more motivation.

There is a slight caveat to the added performance. The vehicle just wants to go fast which makes me want to go fast. So if you don't have a mpg display like a scan gauge the gas tank can get away from you. That being said my gas mileage has gone up with judicious usage of the cruise control.

This mod was coupled with the replacement of the intermediate shaft bearing, both front axles, rear transmission mount and sway bar bushings. Having all that nonsense out made getting to the rear cat easier. So much so that it was easier than the front cat. I read on various forums that removing the cat heat shields aids in removal. I certainly found this to be the case. Everything got soaked in break free spray the day before. The only broken part was the support bracket bolt in the rear cat that attaches to the engine block. The rear pcd came with a new bolt which made the point moot.

I only took one picture which is of the rear pcd. You can see the heat shield wrap on rerouted o2 sensor. A buddy thought I jammed the studs but that's just anti-seize.

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for reading.
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