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Default Re: headlight/DRL wiring questions with adding aftermarket lights

Originally Posted by fetchitfido View Post
There's a way to make it work with adding relays but it's not the best idea as the electrical system is already at the brink of being overloaded as-is with all the factory accessories. If you setup the relays such that power is sourced directly from the battery and the stock wiring is only used for switching then it'll be fine.
Yeah I'm still messing with the wiring on this, I'm using a relay to pull power for the lights from the battery directly The only thing I was trying to use wiring existing for was to switch the relay on and off, normally I would just tie into the 12-volt positive wire going to the brights so that when I hit my bright switch it kicks the relay on which kicks the light bar on, but the way they have the daytime running light and voltages and stuff ran through the headlights of these cars is making it more complicated than I'm used to. I don't really want to have to hit two switches to turn them on and off because I like the ability to shut them all off in a hurry instead of blinding people. I've tried several combos with the headlights from both low beams and high beams and I can't get this set up right for whatever reason.
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