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Default headlight/DRL wiring questions with adding aftermarket lights

So I picked up a 98 SL1 recently to become my new daily, I live out in the middle of BFE with alot of deer population, so I decided to add a little light bar to the front of the car. I've done this on some previous cars, and normally I use a 4 pin relay (power to relay from battery, ground to relay, power out to accessory lightbar, and then a trigger 12v from a switch) in which I use 12v+ from my brights so my bright switch is the trigger for the relay. I ONLY use the brights when there's absolutely no one else around, and I've found having the lightbar on the bright switch is much faster at being able to turn off/on than adding a secondary switch that I have to flip. Now fast forward to yesterday when I went to hook up the relay for the lightbar to find out that saturn does some weird DRL wiring etc and the circuit isnt as simple as a positive and negative to the headlights. Is there anywhere easy to pull 12v ONLY when the brights are on, that doesnt have a underlying current to it when they're off? Am I missing something simple here? Thanks

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