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2005 VUE 3.5L
Default Re: New Guy, 2004 Vue Red Line in the works

Originally Posted by MAC5 View Post
Thanks guys for the feedback.

Have had some seat time driving the Vue this past week and had a chance to have a couple of GM Master mechanics look it over. The drone is more pronounced when at lower speeds 25-45 when the tranny is in overdrive so pretty much eliminates the exhaust system. The GM guys are pretty sure its the engine mounts transmitting the vibration when a little gas pedal is applied.
We'll see how that works out next week when they have the car again. With the exception of the drivers seat heater not working all is well. The tires with about 20k miles on them are now 10 years old might be getting swapped out soon.
In 2006 or 7 there was software upgrade for transmission. I think it changed the shift points. Your GM guys will know more exact. No sure if Redline was in on it.
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