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2008 VUE 3.6L
Default 2008 Vue Wheel Speed Sensor C0035

Sharing general info - My 2008 Vue (3.6L V6, 211k miles) was giving a trouble light for both ABS and TCS. Code was C0035, Left Front Wheel Sensor Circuit. My code reader and this forum advised the (3) most common fixes were to replace the wheel speed sensor, the WSS wiring harness, or the hub and bearing assembly.

1st step - unplug the WSS (behind the wheel), and spray both plugs with contact cleaner. No luck - trouble codes persist.

Next step - replace the hub and bearing assembly (with integrated wheel speed sensor). Cost $130 at local NAPA. Found a helpful YouTube video by 1A Auto for bearing/hub replacement on 2008 Chevy Equinox (FYI - exactly the same for my 2008 Vue for this job - provided torque specs, bolt sizes, and everything). Installed new hub, took car for a quick spin, and both codes immediately cleared. Problem solved. Despite the car being ten years old with 211k miles, the old (original) parts were easy to remove (no rust or seizing). Probably due to living its entire life in the south haha.

#1 - thanks to all on this board for posting their knowledge. Very helpful for an amateur driveway mechanic like me.

#2 - not sure whether anyone has experience with the BlueDriver code readers, but I bought one on Amazon for $100. It was the cheapest one I could find that read ALL trouble codes (including ABS, TCS, etc) in addition to MIL "check engine" codes. You download the free app to your smart phone, plug the reader in to your OBD port, link the reader to your phone's bluetooth, and control the reader from your phone. Told me exactly where the problem was, and suggested specific fixes. Very simple to use. See screenshot attached of phone screen after reader reported the C0035 code.

Posting this info as a "re-payment" of sorts after lurking the forum for a few days working on this fix. Hopefully it helps someone.
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2008 Saturn Vue 3.6L V6, 211k miles, still running strong. 2nd owner. Replaced 6T70 transmission at 205k.
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