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2002 SL2
Default 2002 SL2 Electrical Issues

I've used this forum as a reference for maintenance on my car before and it's always been an invaluable tool. I'm hoping you all could help me with my latest issue:
My 120kish 2002 SL2 with a 5 speed and no ABS is having electrical issues. When I started the car today, the power locks began to have a fit- first the passenger rear door, then the driver's door, then all of them. It was enough to toggle the lock at times, but was a constant switching back and forth. I tried pulling the fuse marked "windows", but this wasn't any help- I think they're on the ECU circuit anyways? I ended up disconnecting the battery and caught a ride to work.

The car is otherwise fine. I did some work to the audio system the better part of 2 years ago. I just replaced the head and speakers with aftermarket units; no subwoofers or anything crazy. It's been fine so far, but I figure any bit of information helps.

I have no idea where to start to diagnose this. I'm mechanically inclined enough to follow a Richpin video, but that's about it. I have some money to replace parts, but don't want to start throwing parts at it because I'm a student and don't have much in the way of extra cash.
I thank you in advance. It may be a few hours before I'm back to give extra info as I'm at work.
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