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Default Re: 98 SC2 P171-Fuel trim System Lean, help fix Please!

Fixed, engine running peppier from a dead stop. No trouble codes so far.

Also fixed filter's dripping/leaking nylon connector:

My 3/8" nylon straight connector to the fuel filter on my 98 saturn sc2 was leaking when running, it appeared the O-rings were bad.
I bought Dorman 3/8" replacement connectors 2 pack from auto zone part 800-082. Smaller connectors are 5/16"
I used tweezers and a pic and small screw driver to remove new o rings from one of the new connectors replace the 2 o rings and it still leaked so it must have had a hairline crack or other defect.
So I was able to remove the old connector and put on a new connector and fix the problem without cutting. It was tricky. Wearing gloves, I used a heat gun to carefully warm, but not too much, the barb tube area but the old connector would not pull out.
So I used a drill bit thinking maybe I could drill out the barb area through the throat of the connector and then collapse the thinned barb.
I used progressively larger drill bits and found the connector would often spin with the bit. So I was able to warm the tube barb area and then spin and pull on my battery drill and got the connector barbs to release.
I applied oil to the new connector barbs and got it in half way and then all the way once I heated the tube again, working around it no more than 10 seconds on low setting. The new barbs were almost a perfect match for the old barbs.
No leaks.
Take care
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