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Default Re: Troubleshooting TAAT Hard Shift

Well, thanks for the inspiration to double check the range sensor - it took 5 more equally diligent tries, but I was surprised and very annoyed to find a spot that got continuity. I AM now getting a persistent P0708 code though. Reverse slam is still present - shift into D is perfectly smooth - but up-shifts are hard, and down-shifts are worse again.

I'll have to try and re-adjust later this week to see if i can get 0708 to go away - maybe clear the PCM again and start over. [I just realized, is a relearn required whenever the PCM is reset?]

The switch MAY still be bad, but I can't get good transmission data on Torque pro (I did finally find the dongle) to verify proper positioning. Seems like there used to be a plugin for GM data on Torque pro, but all the links I find are dead and it's not in the list of available makes anymore. I'm not even sure Torque Pro is supported anymore, it may be a zombie app. I'll try to find an alternative in the next few days.

I'll test solenoids now that I know I need to, and can get to it without removing the cover (something else I overlooked in the sea of info, thanks Bill). I'll be using the fireman video to identify pins, but it could be a few days before I'm able to get to that.

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