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Default Re: Troubleshooting TAAT Hard Shift

The LP Fuse checks out, but I haven't done the "fuse out" test (i over looked that procedure), or tested the solenoid. Given the 0706 code I wasn't going to open the valve body cover until I checked out the switch 1st. When I couldn't get continuity I assumed it was bad didn't go any further.

I read that the sweet spot for the D test was small, so slid the switch pretty slowly and left a little friction on the bolts when checking/adjusting. It's not impossible that i missed it, but man, if the adjustment needed is THAT fine, I'm not sure anyone ever manages.

I haven't been able to find my scanning dongle anyway, and the switch is ordered. At the risk of wasting $60 on the part, I'll probably have to wait until the new one is installed and move on to solenoids and line pressure afterwards if it isn't solved. I'll need a line pressure gauge and possibly new scanning tool before then anyway if I can't locate it.

I am a little confused though, is the line pressure solenoid separate from the other solenoids on the valve body? Would it be included in a rebuilt body, or would it have to be ruled out / replaced on its own regardless?
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