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2001 SC2
Default Hard shifting 2001 SC2

Hello, don't know if this has already been addressed but I am just looking for some help. I have a 2001 Saturn SC2 and the moment I drive the vehicle past 35mph I get a hard shift. I also have a reverse slam that occurs but sometimes goes away it fluctuates. So far I have replaced the Transmission fluid and filled it with 4 quarts, changed the transmission filter, changed the valve body and tested all solenoids for the 4.5-5.0 ohms range, changed the transmission temperature sensor and am now working on the downstream O2 sensor because I have also received this code. The codes I have so far are: PO133 Heated Oxygen sensor slow response bank 1 sensor 1, PO781 1-2 Shift, and P1336 Crankshaft Position CKP System Variation Not learned. I have also replaced the PCM and had it flashed with the dealership before installing the new valve body. Don't know where to go from here as this is my only form of transportation. The fuses are good too because I tested them for continuity. I am now going to try and replace the Crankshaft Sensor to see if it works out. Thanks for the help. Also when I installed the valve body the car was able to go to 70 mph but then hard shifts now past 35 mph and there are no hard shifts in third gear.
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