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Question Re: New User Here-Help with Fuel Line Issue

Originally Posted by madpogue View Post
Um, Idunno how to put this without it sounding obvious, but you won't be spending any more or less on gas by putting more or less in it at any given time. The amount of gas the car uses is measured in miles per gallon, which is determined by how well-maintained the engine is, the weather, your tires, how and where you drive, things like that. Buying gas more or less often can't possibly make it burn more or less at any given time.

The only thing you really need to worry about, with a malfunctioning gas gauge, is running out of gas. The fuel tank is a little over 12 gallons (the exact number is in your owner's manual). To keep from running empty, you don't need any "equation". Unless there's something wrong with the car's performance, you should be getting 25-30, or more, MPG. So just reset the trip odometer whenever you fill up, and fill up every 250 or so miles (that's, worst case, 10 gallons, giving you a two-gallon cushion).
Thanks so much for your response! I hate to sound stupid but this is my first car (I had one previously that my dad bought me, but it was a lemon..but at least the gas gauge worked! LOL) and even though I love my Saturn, I have been disappointed by it (as in the crappy radiator that the former owner didn't tell me about...)

I vaguely remember the former owner mentioning something about resetting the odometer..when I purchased the car, it was set at 153,000. Makes me wonder if that was the actual mileage on the car when I purchased it?
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