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Default Re: Sl1 trans shift trouble after rebuild

OK I finished off swapping the line pressure solenoid in the transmission last night . Perhaps I didn’t get a good Measurement, as the “old “ line pressure solenoid was 4.1 ohms , not the 2.1 ohms I originally read. (This a New reading I took once the bus plate was out of the way.)
all the rest of the coils were 4.8 or greater ohms. I swapped in a know good 5 ohm solenoid to the line pressure location.
started and drove the car today. The 1 to 2 shift is still banging slightly ,although not as pronounced. All the rest of the shift points are way smoother than before.
I am thinking that the transmission sat a very long time during the engine rebuild process and subsequent issues I had with that project.
I am going to gently drive this car in the coming week and see what happens from there. I think the transmission did not like sitting idle for so long.
Hi miler don’t forget.
Once cruising the car is a pleasure.
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