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2005 VUE Red Line
Default Well All, it's been a pleasure..

On Saturday 6 April, I traded my 2005 RL for a 2012 Equinox LTZ.

I crossed over to the Dark Side..

But, of all the forums I have been on, I have to say this one was the most informative, and most fun. I appreciate all your input and replies,
and I wish you all the best, with your RL's.
I can say 204 thousand miles, my RL never let me down, left me stranded, and it looked as good when I left it behind at the dealer, as it did the day I drove it off the lot.
That proves there is much to said for the polymer body to withstand parking lot abuse, dings, road rocks, etc. and it was black so if anything it would have looked like hell, for the amount of abuse it took, over eight years.

I am truly sad to have seen Saturn the brand, go. In my experience, I found it to be trouble free, and a damn good vehicle to commute in, in some pretty nasty northeast winters.

It is still fairly quick, and the gas mileage cannot be beat for an SUV of it's size.
Could it have been more sophisticated ?, yes of course, but it served me very well, and I hope you all have the same experience.

Good Luck to you all, and Best Regards,..

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