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Originally Posted by cheapybob View Post
If you look at post #145 in that thread the valvetrain is immaculately clean compared to what my previous DOHC looked like, and yet his piston rings were still caked and baked in sludge. I can't even imagine how bad mine must have been.
Well, the valve-train (and head in general) is no indication of anything: look at where the heat meets the block under where the TCC would go--it's easy to see that the head does not even remotely match the condition of the block, indicating that it has been recently replaced. Post #147 indicates that the head was replaced just one month before the tear-down (the head gasket was replaced, at least, so it's almost certain the head was being replaced, or at the very least, cleaned well).

Originally Posted by cheapybob View Post
Maybe I'll put synthetic and a cleaner additive (seafoam or mmo or rislone) in the SOHC I got. Its not using much oil, I don't think, and I have plenty of synthetic sitting around to last a few years
If you have it, you might as well use it--even if it doesn't ultimately prevent the classic oil burning problem, it will certainly extend the time that it takes to develop.

Originally Posted by cheapybob View Post
The other DOHC I still have is anther story. It uses lots of oil. I did put Seafoam in it recently, but based on this I don't give it much hope of fixing it. Maybe in the spring I'll give the soaks a try on it and try to see if it helps any. It would cost a fortune to feed it synthetic, so that's out unless consumption drops.
You might as well give it a few soaks--$3 for a quart of MMO (or a bit more, for Seafoam) is way cheaper than a rebuild. It's not a guaranteed or 100% fix, by any means, but based on others' experiences, there's at least a decent chance that it will improve things a bit, and even if it only saves you 2 quarts of oil in the rest of the time you have the car, it will have paid for itself.
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