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2001 SC2
Default 2001 SC2 wiring diagram? (trailer wiring harness)

Hello again. I search for 10 minutes and couldn't find any general wiring diagrams for the SC2 (or any saturn for that matter), here or using google.

I need to install the wiring harness for my trailer hookup. I'm guessing that the wires I need to splice into are the ones located along either side of the trunk. (But which ones?) I'm using the Modulite, which pulls all of the current from the battery directly, instead of sapping power from the bulbs on the car.

If there is no diagram available, I would at least hope that Saturn is consistent with the color scheme used for the various wires (left signal, right signal, brake light, running light) and maybe someone could just tell me what color is what on an '01 SC2. Thanks!
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