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2002 L-Series 2.2L Sedan
Default Re: 2002 L200 2.2 leak from thermostat area

This vehicle has 127,000 on the clock. After returning to Advance Auto to see if a particular gasket was forgotten to be part of the package, or I was supposed to replace the gasket around the aftermarket part I was sold, with the second gasket they sold me. In the process of that inquiry I found:
1. The second, Fel-Pro gasket was sold to me, as part of the thermostat replacement. It was NOT larger than the one already on the new thermostat I put in.
2. Apparently, there is a gasket in the thermostat housing/upper housing piece. The Veteran Counterman said that gasket secures and seals the upper housing, once the unit is repeated and tightened down. I didn't know that existed, nor did I remove, nor clean/remove it when I separated the housing from the base.
3. I finger-felt under the hose, today, but couldn't really determine if that was the origin of the leak. I tightened the screw-clamp on the hose, to be sure. NOTE: I couldn't remove the feeder hose during the original operation. I gingerly pulled it and the upper housing to the side/toward driver's fender enough to pull out the old t-stat and research the new one. It is highly likely a split or crack occurred. It may be the original hose piece. I hate that it is such a short piece.
4. This vehicle was purchased from a family friend who was a salvage yard operator. I inspected what fluids I could, and found them to be fresh and clean, as we were told by the operator he had replaced when. (Damage to the vehicle, when Mr. Burnside obtained it was passenger-side front quarter panel destroyed and windshield. Frame was NOT damaged.) I fully believe the Orange coolant to be replacement, and has been used for approximately 60,000 miles.
5. L200 is used as my wife's car, which she drives to work, 3 nights per week, round trip of 24/day, then sporadically on her days off. It has been driven on 800 and 1100 mile round trips to PA and DO, with no issues, and 27 mpg using Interstates to get to her work, at fill-ups; 28 or 29, on the long distance drives, using 87 octane.
6. She absolutely loves this car, and we have done nothing but basic maintenance (oil, filters and tires) on it. It is paid for, and we hope to keep it until wife gets serious about purchasing herself a Mustang, her dream car.
Thanks, sir. I'll see if Advance Auto has a new feeder hose available and replace it while I have the housing apart.
Updates when job is finished upon receipt of the upper housing gasket, which is a factory order part, apparently.
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