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2001 SC2
Question Currently redoing my sound system and I have a question

So I put a stereo in and some speakers I had bought for a previous car but the speakers are way under powered and are probably gonna go out soon so I'm kinda remapping the whole thing. But my dilemma is a guy at a car audio shop said I have a factory amp in my car and would need a bypass harness for it to sound its best. But I can't find anything online about it at all! So plz answer this, does a 2001 Saturn SC2 have a factory amplifier? If so, where is it located in the car? And what bypass harness do I buy? I already ordered the new speakers that will work great with my aftermarket stereo. And I want to order this harness thing right away if I need too so I can do it all at the same time and hopefully for the last time lol. Or if I dont have a factory amp and that guy didn't know what he was talking about then im gonna just put these speakers in and call it a day!
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