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Default Re: Isolating the 12v system from the 36v system -- is it possible?

Originally Posted by jets1934a View Post
this is not exact answer, but....I have an 08 Greenline and I have been having ridiculous problems with the hybrid system with check hybrid system and all sorts of hybrid codes. did some research...what I finally did was I went under the options and turned off the ECO function and when I drive put it on manual and choose gear 4. I have driven 5000 miles in the last 5 months and no codes and no hybrid function. Every time you drive it it has to be driven on M4 but more headaches.
By "turning off the ECO function," do you mean merely using the push button on the dash display to turn off the green ECO light, or is there something else you need to do?

BTW, now, when I start the vehicle, the battery light will immediately come on along with the "Service Hybrid System" message.

All I want to do is isolate the 12v charging system from the 36v hybrid system so the 12v battery will charge. i don't care if the hybrid works or not, as long as I can drive the vehicle and the 12v battery will charge.
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