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Default Isolating the 12v system from the 36v system -- is it possible?

I have an issue with something in the 36v hybrid system causing the 12v system not to charge in my 2008 Vue Green Line. (See some of my other posts for details). I thought it was a temperature sensor issue but recently the problem has been manifesting itself immediately after starting the vehicle.

Replacing the 36v battery or the BECM would be prohibitively expensive unless I happen to win the lottery (in which case I'd buy a new vehicle instead of fixing this issue).

Is there a way to isolate the hybrid system so that the alternator charges only the 12v system? I'm perfectly willing to give up the hybrid functionality if it means the vehicle will run OK only on the gasoline engine. If so, what do I disconnect? Something in the hood or something in the back where the battery is?
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