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Default Re: specifics on compression testing, P0301

The lights that show up with with key on, engine off are "service engine soon", "service" wrench, battery, oil, low fuel, and parking brake. When started, all turn off except parking brake (I am on a sloped driveway), "service" wrench usually comes back after a minute or so. The low coolant lights flashes sometimes, but it is filed to the maximum cold level, and the resevoir was recently cleaned, so I think it is because of the sloped driveway. I tried a different OBD2 reader, this one does not have live data. It did not find any codes in "global" mode either. The status light is orange, flashing red icons for O2 sensor, catalytic converter, EVAP, and EGR. There are 27 error codes in OEM enhanced mode for saturn, some repeat multiple times, some appear to be contradictory. This is the order they appeared in: P1640, P1641, P1620, P1640, P1641, P1620, P1640, P1641, P1620, P0133, P0401, P0420, P0440, P0130, P1134, P1133, P1602, P1380, P0733, P0734, P0741, P0748, P1582, P1584, P0442, P1441, P0446
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