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Default Re: specifics on compression testing, P0301

The new spark plugs that I installed a few weeks ago are NGK, BKR4ESA-11 according to what is printed on the box.
The ones installed by a previous owner were autolite double platinum APP 3926, something I believe is specifically advised against for S series.
For my last test on reply #16, I removed all spark plugs, fully charged the battery, removed the PCM B fuse, and propped up the gauge on a large pair of channel locks in order to see the needle moving. The top row shows the results of that before adding oil, the bottom row shows results after squirting 1 TSP of oil in all of them with a syringe. For the tests with the oil added, the trickle charger stopped working (likely the faulty garage outlet), so I can not be sure if it was still fully charged.
I will need to conduct more tests on another day, I had other things today.
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