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1997 SL1
Default Issues with camber for circle track

Hi guys i am relativity new to saturns. I have only owned mine for about 6 months and have been racing it at a local circle track. I have been fighting a camber issue on my 97 Saturn sl1 enduro car. Had accident last event where i bent the drivers side strut and tie rod and lower control arm. I went out and replaced all the components on both sides! using a set of kyb struts which i noticed where about a 3/4 of inch longer than stock ones. After i got done with the repair i noticed i still have alot of negative camber on my drivers front still and my passenger side gained about 2 degrees in negative camber as well. I have tried to adjust it out on the drivers side with camber bolts but even with 3 degrees of adjustment im still in the negative camber! Is it due to length of the strut? Thank you guys for any information

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