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Default Re: Saw another Astra today...

I have only seen 2 other Astra's here in beautiful Mission/Abbotsford British Columbia and neither were the 4 dr in Silver like mine they were red and black. I think I prefer the Silver but would have loved to get the Astra in the same teal that the SL 1 is....I never knew that Saturn made a hatchback until I saw mine in the local paper for sale at a car lot. Have always had the Sl1 sedan (1995; still have her) or the 2 Twin cam Sc's. I am sad to finally part with the sedan after having it 23+ years but it's been parked since 2011 and I put on over 300k on it and now it's time to pass her along. Sad though as I took my now 23 yo daughter home from Hospital in it. Would post pics but am so new to this can't figure out how.
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