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Default Re: Deebs Style Circle Track Build

Believe me, I went rounds with the owner of Sixthsphere, in my build thread for my daily driver, about using the Megasquirt to get even 150HP out of these engines.

I don't like the idea of having to rewire my car, so I am guessing that is part of your issues with changing the PCM(other may be the racing league rules require you to keep the stock PCM as well, and I know circle track doesn't allow shaved heads and porting, either....)

Now, as it stands, it IS possible to get just over 150HP with bolt ons and the stock PCM(not much more than 150, but you can do it).

With your specific build, the Megasquirt could probably put you closer to 200HP with NA. And since the engine is being tujed by somebody, you'll want to give them as many options as you can, whereas the stock PCM will limit what they can do with the tune.
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