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1995 SC2
Default Re: Deebs Style Circle Track Build

Yes. With that kind of octane, you shouldn't have too many issues with detonation.

As far as the PCM, it is encoded in Hexadecimal. An Australian company has learned how to hack them and reprogram them for the 1995 SC2 with manual transaxle, but the programming for that costs over $300 and since PCM programs vary by model year, it is not guaranteed to work in your 1994 PCM.

The MegaSquirt(while I don't personally prefer this route either) has the easiet user interface to use, when programming, hence why it is so popular and they come with new MAP sensors.

Adjustable FPR from the 1997 model year was a good choice. Injectors should also be from a 1997 model, BUT,

You can use this website for finding Saturn part numbers and their GM interchange info:

From what I understand, 1995-1997 had the adjustable FPR, so even 1995 Injectors/Rail/FPR would work(and may be better suited for your stock PCM since 1995 is still OBD-I like your 1994)
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