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Default Re: Deebs Style Circle Track Build

Originally Posted by Saturn Night View Post
You will want to use a standalone PCM, since you plane to use custom-ground camshafts. The stock PCM is not designed to run proper A/F ratios after the cams have been changed.

Dual intake cams are a cheaper alternative and still require the PCM to be swapped out.

The bottom end can not rev past 6,750rpms, before it begins tearing itself apart. So, if you don't build the bottom end to handle the new powerband, you'll wind up in the pits with a destroyed engine FAST.

Ditch the shaved head. I don't know why people think shaving the head is "good" for performance on any engine, let alone an OHC-designed engine. You are removing metal, which makes the head weaker and then running ut around a race track at maximum, red-line rpms.......

If I have to even explain the lacl of logic, there, then people reading this shouldn't be racing or probably even allowed to perform their own maintenance.

Porting and a valve job is all the Saturn head needs. Use of the 1991-1993 valves, with any 1994-up engine block will bump compression up to around 9.7:1(which is about the highest compression you want for pump gas). Running 93 octane on that compression will minimize damage from heat and possible detonation at higher rpms.

While you CAN run 10.5:1 on 93 octane, if you want to race the car for more than a few races, I wouldn't recommend it.....

The W41 "High Output" Quad 4 had 10.5:1 compression, from the factory(and a WHOPPING 190HP at 6,700rpms out of an NA 2.3L DOHC), and you can take a guess where pretty much every last one of those engines wound up after about 60,000-70,000 miles of regular driving......
Really wanted to use the stock pcm but considering other options (Mega squirt). I already have the cams so that's what I'm going with. I will be using 100-110 octane in this so.... also with the adjustable fuel rail I should be able to gain a few there if done properly no?
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