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1994 SC2
Default Deebs Style Circle Track Build

I am trying to go all out on my second motor for my other asphalt circle track car which is a 94 SC2. Let me know if I am missing anything to max this out as much as possible for being NA. I am open to suggestions. Thanks

02 Block, Pistons, Rods
94 Timing Components and Timing Cover
94 Crankshaft and CPS
94 DOHC Head Shaved .030", Ported and Polished
Custom Ground Cams D-267 L-.349, Adjustable Sprockets
91 Valves
Ported 97 intake with 97 Adjustable fuel rail (taking suggestions for injectors)
GSI Storm Throttle Body
91 Ported OEM Header
Cold Air Intake
Wideband 02

When everything is ready and installed my plan is to have it professionally tuned for maximum gains.

Am I missing anything to make this run and work well? What more could I do?

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