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Default Re: 2000 SC2 asphalt circle track

Originally Posted by Hermon 207 View Post
So I recently picked my the "blue rocket" and got it stripped, put door bars in(a requirement for racing), and an aluminum racing seat. Didn't get an opportunity to do any practice laps or do any setup before I raced. The car did very well. Did 4 25 lap races. 2 races were turning right and 2 turning left. Ended up 3rd for the overall event.
I was wondering what modifications, motor and suspension, can be done without being obvious because it's suppose to be stock, but this is racing after all and everyone pushes the rules.
Thank you all for any help
Removal of your A/C system will aid with weight reduction and improve engine performance slightly(1-2HP). Total weight savings are around 25-30lbs and is not cheating because non-A/C was a factory option.

Your suspension is already responsive and more than adequate for the weight of your vehicle.

You can change to NGK spark plugs that are heat range "6", which are OEM plugs. Once again, it is an OEM replacement part, so it is not cheating.

You can get a manual rack and pinion from the SOHC models. Turning ratios vary. Once again, manual rack and pinion was a factory option. Once again, not cheating.

You can't use the 1991-1992 Exhaust manifold, due to your cylinder head having a different design. However, if you are willing to spend the money for the head work, you can install the 1991-1992 Intake/Exhaust valves. They are flat-faced, as opposed to dished ones from 1993-2002. This will bump up your compression by about 0.2 points. Unleaded premium fuel is not required, BUT is recommended at that point. And if you get charged with a tech teardown, they will be able to tell this has been done, and you will be disqualified for cheating.

You can convert the drum brakes over to disc brakes, as this was another factory option available, and wouldn't be considered cheating.

Unless they check your Service Parts Identification tag, on the spare tire cover, they will never know any of the "modifications" are not stock on your specific model.
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