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Default Re: 2008 Aura 3.5 v6 overheating problems

Originally Posted by Victor93 View Post
Hi guys new to the forum here good to all!! I bought a 2008 Aura 3.5 v6 a couple days ago and just yesterday my girlfriend was driving and apparently the temperature went up 3/4 of the way up as well as the heater turning off. I have driven it the whole day and it hasent happened to me. Also when i drive the temp. Gauge reads just above 1/4 (between half and C). I added some coolant in today because it was low and when i added it. Steam rose from reservoir. Any ideas? It doesnt overheat even after hours of driving it i dont think its head gasket. Any ideas appreciated!!
its likely u have a breach in the system. coolant has gotten out & air has gotten in. it's a closed system & u should never need to add coolant once its filled. the most common leak source on that engine is at the crossover pipe gaskets. if the original oem gaskets have yet to be replaced, i'd start looking there. google: coolant crossover gasket

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