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Default Re: Small transmission fluid leak from radiator transmission cooler line

I changed my Rad and Trans Fluid and Engine Oil 6 weeks ago. A week before, I started soaking the trans lines with PB blaster. Top one, easy, no problem. Bottom one broke. The garage where my tools and compressor is 1-1/2 hours away (friends place, long story) and I was screwed, as there was nobody around, and the nearest place was 20 minutes away, and as the house is in Podunk, the chances of them having a lower trans line was Slim and None. Slim just jumped on his ATV and took off, BTW. I mickey moused an air fitting that the thread was close, and clamped a rubber hose to it, and the part of the existing line that was still OK. I went up and changed the Oil again this week( I do a lot of miles), and noticed a wet spot at the bottom of the rad underneath the lower cooling line. No Drip, just a little wet. Checked the fluid once it was back on the ground, and it showed right full. Drove for 45 minutes, checked it again, and it was just a hair above full. I know I have to replace the line, but it's held great for 5000kms, so I'll wait until the spring. It's already Cold here in the Great White North.
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