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Default Re: Can Bus Adapters

Originally Posted by shawnw_13 View Post
Hi Everyone,

Been searching through forums and what not to hunt down specific for adapters and what not and could not find exact specifics on what i needed so i will post my questions and sorry if this has been covered before.

I just recently purchased a JVC deck and got the standard GM wiring harness for it. After a few painstaking hours i realized that the red "12v" wire does not actually output 12v and from what i have read u need a adapter to properally interpert this signal. so what can bus adapter would i need (a part number and manufacturer would be great) and do i just wire this adapter inline with the standard wiring harness or does it replace it all together?

Next as for steering wheel adapters, has anyone successfully installed one if you could let me know what one used ( again part number and manufacture would be fantastic) thanks for the help

So this has been covered, but I think I can answer your questions anyway. The preferred CAN-BUS adapter is made by a company named Connects2 and can only be imported from the UK.

The part number is:
Connects2 SVX002 CANBUS adapter

You will also want to purchase the Connects2 JVC Lead for SVX002. This will give you full use of your steering wheel controls, and will also allow you access the "settings" menu and change the time on the clock.

Both of these items can be purchased from . I believe people have had good experiences with them.

You will also need a radio antenna plug adapter, but those can be purchased easily at any electronics store or amazon.

As for the wiring, the Connects2 harness will connect directly into the Astra's wiring harness. On the stereo side, you will either need to splice the Connects2 to the stereo cables, or purchase a JVC to ISO cable, as the Connects2 supports ISO cables.

Hope this helps!
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