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Default Reverse slam x2

Hello, I have a 99 SC1 that is currently having (my best guess) the reverse slam problem.

-Just bought the car real cheap because it wouldn't shift into reverse without rev'ing the engine up. Car would drive just fine otherwise.
-Went to the salvage yard and picked up another valve body.
-Installed the 'new' valve body only to find that the car will not shift into reverse and has a hard time going over 50+ mph. Floored it, no down shift then RPMs jumping, just slowly climbing in speed.

I backed the car out of the garage by rev'ing to 3-4k+ rpms, the car only crawled out of the garage, my pet turtle Speedy had time to get out of the way!

Parked in the garage, I found that I hear an electrical (buzzing) sound, constantly, when I shift into 2nd. I hear the buzz initially when I shift into 3rd and 'Drive' but it goes away. I hear it twice when I put the car into drive, two short buzzes, roughly a second apart and a second in length. Reverse does the same as drive.

I am finished for the evening, I will be taking apart the previous valve body tomorrow (hopefully if I have time, dive trip planned for the weekend) and testing the reverse/2nd gear solenoid for 4.7-5.2Ω.

Does this problem sound like something other than a valve body issue? Do I need check my input shaft nut? Sadly I did not try to shift into 2nd before I replaced the valve body, but the car did drive without any problems (besides reverse).

EDIT: Well it turns out the person who drove the car home for me, said that 2nd gear 'knocked hard into gear' when pulling away from a stop light. This would point the finger at the solenoid, correct?

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