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Default Isolating no/reverse slam...Keep your tran

I've just installed another valve body, however there are some interesitng
diffs. The "buzz" from selnoids have changed, depending on which gear
slector your in. For this 2000 SL1, single overhead cam, there are
five positions. Park, reverse, netural, drive, 3rd and 2nd. Before, when
in reverse or 2nd, there were the solnoid buzzing. Now, when in netural or
second there is the buzzing(low volts perhaps) noise. The really neat thing is that
from a dead stop in drive or third I can hit the gas and do a burn out.
When in 2nd, it just lugs down and just acts like there is only one
cylinder. But, If I put in netural at a dead stop, and stomp the gas and
throw it into the lowest auto select mode, 2nd, the the tires will spin for
1 or 2 seconds and then the car lugs down again like a giant monster just
grabbed the back bumper. Also, as insane as this behavior is, at 25 mph
I put the car from 2nd, which was lugging down bad, into reverse and the
car's motor kind of goes into this gentle back and forth drag and release mode. I'm going to take an awl and try to bend the buzz plate connector
and push it onto the valve body again and see if it is a bad connection.

If you have been through this grief, please advise me on a corrective action.
I've done the omh test on the buzz plate connector, however the connectivity between the plate and connecter may be faulty. Is there a
way to provide the reverse(current manually to see if the V/B's or whatever
is working? Can I jump the working 3rd or dirve positions on the buzz plate to the reverse pins for a test on the reverse? If I put a used/rebuilt tran and
the problem is still there, I won't know if I need to shoot the car or my foot...

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